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Meek Mill & Nicki Minaj Have “Blowout” Fight After He Asks Her To Move In

After months of dating and being seen together in several Instagram posts, Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill seem to be facing issues in their relationship.

The report said that the couple got into a massive fight after the rapper asked his girlfriend to stay with him in Philadelphia while the rapper is on house arrest.

However, Minaj reportedly declined the request by saying that she will not put her life on hold for Mill’s criminal charges.

 Nicki’s response reportedly triggered a massive fight between the couple
that is still ongoing.

Minaj has been in Los Angeles this week, and it was not clear when she
would return to Philadelphia. Sources highligthed that the couple generally fights a lot, but this has by far been the biggest one between the two.

Earlier this month, Mill was ordered to stay under house arrest for 90 days for violating his probation that stemmed from drug and gun charges from a 2008 conviction.

Mill will have to wear an ankle monitor from March 1 and will not be allowed to release, record or perform music. He will also be on probation for six years
and has been ordered to complete community service.

Earlier reports had suggested that two were engaged after Minaj poste several photos on Instagram showing a big diamond ring on her ring finger.

Reports had also suggested that two
were planning to wed this year.
The couple was first involved in rumors
suggesting they were engaged in April last year, when Minaj posted a picture of a diamond ring on Instagram.

Although she did not caption the
photo, she had used several emojis with it. In August, reports said that Minaj was pregnant with Mill’s child, after she addressed to him as“my baby father.”

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