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A New Dawn: Naija Hall of Fame

Fixit Entertainment is on the path to fine tune the way musical talents are sourced in Nigeria in a unique manner. Time is transient, the music business is changing and the players are evolving and we need to move and make corresponding strides with the times.

 We intend to achieve this with the new and exciting Music Competition Reality TV show tagged “Naija Hall Of Fame Africa (NHFA)”. This show is to change the face of the music industry in Nigeria, Africa and even globally while standing as the foundation for improvements in the music industry. We will showcase in the most entertaining way, the beauty in African talents with the next best fresh creative ideas, music concepts, content, street sense flavored with style, dance steps, beats, and so much more.

VISION : To discover, develop and establish the best-selling artists

MISSION: To create an avenue to select and determine the next best musical talents in the industry while grooming and enhancing their potentials to be bestselling artistes

OUR VALUE PROPOSITION: Talent alone is not enough to achieve the heights of success, but with proper grooming and priming, the tiniest of potentials can be turned into a goldmine. This is one of the few reasons why Fixit Entertainment in conjunction with other supporting organizations created and designed a new and exciting Music Reality TV competition Show tagged “Naija Hall of Fame of Africa (NHFA)”.

There is a gap in fluidity within the music industry and we intend to fill this gap by creating an avenue where all genres are acceptable and all styles of music are allowed to be expressed. We intend to impact not only the Nigerian music industry but also the African and global music industries as well. A lot of other talent shows focus on just one type of music and talent, often failing to look out for the right things when deciding who should be positioned as winner and so the seemingly most talented end up not winning.

Also when the winners emerge, the way their talents are managed and developed does not allow for the journey toward the fulfillment of their potentials. To this end NHFA is going to channel the expertise and support of distinguished consultants in the music industry who have the capability to fish out the untapped potentials of talented people and will now be able stand a chance in the present day music industry with proper exposure and ultimately be lucrative with a security on money invested. With this revolutionary idea, we are certain that all stakeholders will be appropriately satisfied with the outcome and impact that will be made.

Contact: Godfrey fixitng@yahoo.com, 080231181523 Anu anuawoseyi@hotmail.com,08035644186

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