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The best gift one could get in life is a saving grace from point of death. We all in our lives encountered life threatening situations but our chin-to-chin smile preludes when we have that wisp of hope that someone somewhere , a loved one or that close pal is there fighting through all obstacles to give us back our live.

The life of a street hawker is entity on its own because it deals with the fastest and the "sharpest omo Igboro" street sense, pace, skill and violence if the situation warrants so. Obviously, this street trading/hawking business has its roots from ancient times when dealing with forms of advertisement and trading as well. Its sword is two edged and it has its handle in between as the government ought to hold and balance its grip on this hawkers.

Off course, they are our handy men and women that render "Quickie services" in traffic , long and short distance journeys etc. Nonetheless, one would wonder why they are "Life Savers". Digressing a bit, a few or more of us has had bad times with theses hawkers in terms robbery, fake goods being bought  and classes of falsehood that had been experienced in the cause of buying from hawkers.

It is no doubt that when one feels defrauded, it sends in an agitating stimulus of grieve but the victim cannot go back to the streets or traffic to find that same merchant from who he/she transacted with. Yes, it is so sad to fall into the wrong hands especially when the pressing need arises and all that could be available was cheap, fake and second class item. Let us not push blames here but one should think that aside from beefing up security at night in traffic to prevent robbery and assault, verbally or action based, proper regulatory measures should be put in place.

Be that as it may, these hawkers in a way if not totally agreed, they are life savers. Judging from the medical perspective and the health life of many, snacks, pastries and drinks that these hawkers sell do a lot of good to many of us who have immensely benefited from them. For instance, those that are under medications and due to busy schedule, were unable to grab something worthwhile to eat but these hawkers are like our backup devices, cloud storage, etc. The Chin-chin, chips, gala, water, soft drink, handkerchief, newspapers , music albums(though pirated) are helpful.

Therefore, commuters would align to the fact these hawkers should not be stopped from selling their goods in traffic but scrutinized and effective regulatory measures should be put in place to check them. The question begging for an answer is, how can these hawkers be remodelled and reshaped rather than scrapping them out totally because it would defeat the very essence of saving lives and so many wrong turns would be made as to this regard.

The simple truth is that the modus operandi of the state government is to create an organisation for these hawkers to make them orderly in relation to the new development of the National Union of Road Transport Workers (N.U.R.T.W). Seeing that either tags or some sort of identification or banner, uniform be provided to these tradesmen for commuters to differentiate genuine street hawkers from miscreants so as to level  the height of violence experienced in traffic.

This suggestion is a humble reasoning which would not cost the state government so much if the government truly bear its citizens in mind.

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