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Olori to be, Wuraola and an alleged epistle of historical acts

Zainab Lawani, a friend and probably former close pal of Sonia Itohan Wuraola Otiti, publicly released an open letter in which she exposed
some dirty and intimate secrets about the proposed wife of the Ooni Of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi and their intending marriage coming up thisweekend.

It reads below:

Open Letter To Ooni Of Ife’s Oba
Ogunwusi’s New Queen, Itohan Sonia
Wuraola Otiti & Adopted Sister Jennifer

It’s amazing how Jennifer is suddenly
flaunting Sonia as her sister. Why haven’t you ever shown her as your sister all these years? You waited till the accounted Olori title came.

Jen you and your father are just users
willing to identify with anyone you can
extort money from to buy your outrageous watches.

Sonia is your sister, where were you guys when she was roaming all over Abuja. When she hits a big maga you identify with her to get him to buy your watches and luxury.

Sonia remember that if anything happens to this your marriage to ooni that is the end of you. Gone are the days were you can come out and find another person.

You are also too possessive and
destructive to share your man with another woman. Infact nothing drives you nuts than your man having other women. You are destructively possessive.

Will you now be breaking things in Ife
palace when you see him with women? Will you now be driving any woman that comes near him in your usual way?

You married Elie khouri legally at Amac. Until December you were still married. Is ooni marrying another mans wife?

Abi ifa and ife Chiefs no dey check the
hands of who dey enter their palace again?

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