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He tried the window but stayed alive though with several bruises,  his thoughts ruled him so, he felt it was all over for him, he thought of committing murder so as to be jailed and sentenced to life imprisonment with hard labour but there was no one he could kill: he loves to see people in ecstasy.

Why is life so cruel to him? Things weren't going his way as they should, his only source of joy has just been snatched away from him by death. He thought of giving up but a voice still calms him just like it calmed the storm, but this time with these words "Why give up on yourself when I have not given up on you?

Take a look at the man next to you" then he turns and sees a wretched man, looking so frustrated in his tattered clothing beaming in wasteful smiles yet begging for just little to eat. Stay hopeful: the voice of hope,  the voice of God is that voice that keeps us going.

Why give up when there is still life?  Why look down on yourself when someone out there aspires to be like you? Why worry about life and it's possessions when from dust we came and and to it we shall return empty handed?

Why not make happiness your friend and self belief your companion? Often times we forget that people love us so much that they get hurt at just the slightest of frowns on our face(s): why not stay alive for them by being happy always and by so doing, you are healing their wounds, healing their world without going to a theological school.

"I am hopeful for today" the words of Faith Evans in the song HOPE which she got featured on by Twista. It is stated that "we would never break, though they devastate, we shall motivate and we gotta pray,  all we got is faith." Not trying to sing the song though but, to make us understand that one needs to stay hopeful and He (GOD) will make a way. I know it ain't easy but,  that's okay. Let's put in our all and live life in love instead of hating so much and without hope. It's a new day and I am no saint but if we can live a life of HOPE, LOVE and FAITH then,  we would not have reasons to wanting to give up.

Why worry?  Come on!  Stay alive and be hopeful because God has never and will never give up on you, you, you and even you.

Written by Ushie Mandela(Of the people)

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