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The Power of Information by Etim Bassey Israel

In my opinion, nothing empowers like knowledge. To be informed is to be transformed and to be uninformed is to be deformed. Information is both the gateway for a man’s advancement and the cure for all his frustrations.

Information is the key factor to a man’s success in the race of life. It is impossible for a man to fall with facts. Every candidate writes things down in the examination hall but only those who have the facts get the marks. This is no substitute for information in ones quest for a change of position, not even intercession can substitute for information.

However, being informed does not just mean knowing something; it possesses a working knowledge of that thing. There are many people who know, but they don’t have a working knowledge of it, until they know how it is applied. It holds no value.

It is a common knowledge that we information as any bit of news that influences ones thoughts and action. It is the force that rules the world. 

According to the Bible, the church of the last days will be the custodians of the highest form of information. Nothing creates a future like the revelation of scripture WHY? Because it has an interest force within to bring about transformation in all areas (Romans 12: 1-2). People speed in life, is determined by the quality of information at their disposal and the level of insight with which people operate.

Everything a person is, or does today is a result of the information of yesterday. The news people acquire and determines the moves they generate and the moves they generate determines the waves you cause, which determines the news people make. 

It is a continuous cycle. People cannot make appropriate moves without generating undeniable proofs which causes unquestionable waves and further leading to a commanding attention, which is, making news.

Unfortunately, learning stops for many, as soon as they graduate from college. But we live in a  world that evolves around change, so as to keeppace with current knowledge. If the information at ones disposal is obsolete, then it cannot produce any current results.

Tradition is the worst enemy of civilization, because it has no regards for current knowledge.

I believe the problem of the developing world today is largely that of undeveloped human resources. There is a dearth of human capital. I’m not just talking of educational qualifications, but purposeful education as well. 

You don’t become a man of impact by wishing; you only become one by learning what it takes to do exploit.

Etim Bassey Israel

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