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Facebook Free Internet

Facebook have launched drone technology which will provide free internet data to all. The company launched the Free Basics service yesterday in Nigeria, a platform that will provide access to mobile websites and services to internet users for free.

The free basics will be relying on the Telecom services operators capacity in Nigeria to offer more than 85 free services devoted to health, education, jobs, and finance to users
Facebook Flex by Airtel Nigeria, allows people to access a version of Facebook without data charges.
Facebook confirmed that they are still working hard on the Terragraph code of the free WiFi project to make it faster and more efficient. Thus making 7 Giga Byte Per Seconds (GBPS) data signal stronger and equally efficient in different parts of the world.

This new development is said to improve data usage experience in Nigeria although there are worries that might critically affect the economy of Mobile Network Service Operators who are gradually migrating from voice calls to data usage in a massive data-driven market. 

The big question is if these service operators will restrict their users to this project to a certain level like Airtel who allows free viewing of Facebook, but restrict the viewing of images, which can only be viewed when switched to data mode.

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