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Forget Obama's beast, Putins's car is the Blast

There has been so much talk about the official car of US President Barack Obama, nicknamed ‘The Beast’. However, recent revelations has it that Russian

President Vladimir Putin has a car that will belittle Obama’s ride. We decided to compare the rides and we want you to judge.


Manufactured by General Motors, Obama’s limo has a gasoline V8 engine. The top speed and weight of each car is classified, as is the bulletproof technology used in the windows.
More pictures below:

The Russian car has a 12-centimeter-thick titanium plated roof that is so strong a T-72 tank can drive over it without causing any real damage, the sources said. Its windows are made of glass that will withstand a direct hit from a rocket-propelled grenade, while its wheels automatically turn into caterpillar tracks when going over rough terrain, they said:

Officials at the factory where Putin’s limousine was assembled were so confident in the level of safety provided by the vehicle that they placed the designers inside the car while soldiers shot rocket-propelled grenades at it — a tradition that dates back to the Stalin era.
The Kremlin official noted that the car’s occupants could survive a small nuclear attack, but only if the wind was blowing in a certain direction. He declined to elaborate, saying reporters would be allowed to ask the president questions later. More pictures below:

Although we have little information about the Russian limo, we still believe its a step ahead of the beast. Who in your opinion has the best limo? US President vs Russia President?

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