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Money Wise

It is not what you don't have that limits you,
 it is what you have but do not know how to use 

As the proverb says, wisdom not wealth gets you through this successfully. We see young ladies and married woman with mansion and expensive cars, but empty sad hearts. We see ladies on the brink of destruction due to bad decisions and bad habits. So if you know that you are wise, you can manage your finances as ants manage their food.

Now let us deal with the major reasons why some ladies don't succeed in their finances which are listed below;

No Plans; Ladies spend their money on liabilities rather than asset. A lady that spends half of her income on luxury and yet still hasn't met with their obligation. They overlook the fact that they have greater needs in the future and lavish the time and resource they have with unnecessary items pity full.

Mismanagement; Managing your finances in an incompetently or dishonest way. Most ladies in the world have no idea how to manage their money. Fear, stress and procrastination about looking at their spending, not knowing where their money goes and fear of sorting through their issues and making the mind of responsibility.

Mentality; There are two categories under this section we have the poverty mentality and the prosperity mentality. Firstly, the poverty mentality, this set of human being devalue what they do and also devalue their breakthrough while the prosperity mentality are those who believe what they are lacking is what they have not discovered yet.

Money does not own them but rather they own money. The only key factor to be money wise is SAVINGS. Saving your money leads to accumulation of wealth. Saving is the only factor that do not have element of risk. It gives you the peace of mind and the assurance that you are a financial independent lady. Some people foolish believe that only money can make money. This is not true! Money, of itself, is nothing but mere paper. It cannot move, think, or talk, but it can “hear” when one desires it calls it to come!

Running down of realistic facts, every dream of a lady is to get items listed in their bucket list; the truth is all cannot be met but having arranged them in a scale of preference does move orderliness as to achieving same them gallivanting about and making mountain out of a mole.

 Total dependence financially is like sitting on a keg of gun powder because surely it would blow up someday, one day.

The best is to resist idleness; I mean laziness as well and not illicit acts to get the money. As a matter of fact I think standing your ground and having the ability to abide to some personal principles should do more help because putting all efforts to satisfy another is not always the best idea. Looking or observing the weather before it rains; the clouds gathers, gets thick, darkens everywhere and windy, then the rain. It is all about stages.

Prepare your mind, gather your intellect, equate them to potential resources, maximize potentials, aim at an apex goal, put in maximum effort, add God factor and shower in finance also do not forget to share with me!!!!

To the Ladies...
Your Friend,

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