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Relationship Series One

Why Do Reationships Fail?

When you lose your first love,  you stop doing your first choice. The key to having the dream of your relationship is to make sure that the love tank is full.  But what happens when it's empty and you realized it was your fault.  Now the question is what are the reasons for failed relationships.

*Wrong expectations : Most people view relationships form the media perspective. Everyone is spending vast amounts of time engaged in mediated reality and less time engaged with each other . The Iove romeo and juilet exhibited doesn't mean yours would be the same. Most ladies would always fantasize the perfect extravagant lifestyle they see on TV,  forgetting the fact that it takes hard work to have such lives. Sometimes the love stories in movies never really happens because they are all fantasies.

*.Accumulated Hurts : Hurt is constant and the person who loves you more hurts you the most. you can't escape from hurt because life itself hurts. when you deal with hurt, it affects your perspective. For example, from calling you a charming lady to a bitch because he got hurt by you. There are so many singles that are not capable of loving because they are hurt. Some people medicate hurts. Meanwhile, hurt doesn't go away but keeps on growing in a matter of time.  hurt would never go away because time gives nothing.  Hurt drains a person and to a lot of people who are verbally strong, please be careful what you say .

*. Difference in value system:
How are we similar and yet different at the same time?. This is possible because our thoughts differs. opposite values are amazing in a relationship. For example,  a quiet and gentle guy who is in love with a girl that talks a lot. Therefore, getting along with people who aren't like you is very useful. 

Another practical example is the mentality of some guys on the chase after light skinned ladies because they are scarce but premium and so they prefer them either pretty or ugly.

Anything that disrupts the harmony of the relationship such as areas of disagreement, especially on attitudes, values, or preferences that are important - is likely to persist

"Change is difficult and unlikely;  it's easier to select people who are compatible with your needs and goals From the beginning.  Deal with all these reasons and prepare yourself for a perfect relationship that could lead to a solid foundation for marriage.

To the Ladies...
Your Friend,

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