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The Parcel: Synopsis

The long lasting anticipation and endless wait for the premier of this masterpiece movie "The Parcel" finally comes to limelight as it was premiered at the "NERO CINEMAS" Sangotedo, Ajah, on Sunday, 17th of July 2016.

The movie starred actors and actress of intergrity,skill, dexterity and experience from RedX studios and sponsored by no.1 betting vendor in the country "Nairabet".

Having said much, the movie centers its stand in Nigeria, navigatimg the viewers to see no reason to object the waillings of the average Nigeria Family.

James, the main act was placed in between a tough nudget of making  earns meet for his family since he had to drop out of school due to the demise of his father who served as an Officer in the Nigeria Police.

Early in the movie James' Mother is seen advocating for her late husband's pension and gratuity which had accumulated over the years without being paid. 

She also narrates how poverty and suffering had hit them so hard that it has started piercing through the strands of each hair.

The intrigue, suspense and entangled story line depicts it as a well considered movie....

Back to the story, James, athletic as he is, shows his Godlly attribute by getting back a snatched bag from a nursing mother... There his journey began as he was lured and with no option but to accept the offer as a delivery boy for "THE BOSS"

James' precious gift aside his Mother was his sister Mercy, who attends evening classes ahead of her Jamb exam.

In a nutshell, James delivers "The Parcel" to the wrong party unknowingly and righteously...His sister got kidnapped, his Mother was shot dead before his very eyes and even his Median, the guy who introduced him to the job got killed...#End of story from me...Go watch it to get the full insight of the movie.

Coming to the cinemas near you.

My Favorite character was "The Boss"...His barritone and attitudinal reactions drew me more to the movie.
Its a Lovely movie...Yes!!! the Nigerian factor came in for sure as expected...I rate it a 69%.....

Photos from the premier below courtesy #teamtipsissues...

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