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Friend Zone Exit Door


    I am not asking you to literally remove your shoulder! What I'm suggesting is that the reason you're probably in the friend zone to begin with, is because you've always been the shoulder for your crush to cry on. 

When his or her relationships sour, you're always there to pick them up again and offer relationship advice. Trust me, stop playing this role! While it's important to treat your crush with respect and to be a gentleman, this doesn't mean being their doormat. Let them know that you don't exactly like hearing about other girls or boys all of the time...

      Flirting may not seem like a new option to you, but if you're still in the friend zone then you're obviously not flirting effectively. Perhaps you're being too subtle, and he or she isn't even noticing your advances. Or maybe your flirting comes across more as "just two friends goofing around". 

Either way, it's time to step it up a level. 
Next time you're talking to your crush, hold their gaze a little longer than you normally would. Compliment them to let them know that you think they look great tonight. 

It's small advances like this that will really get them thinking about you as a potential dating partner.

       It's time to introduce subtle touch as a flirtation method! It might sound a little scary, but physical touch is actually the most effective method of flirting. 

Next time you're sitting at a table, playfully tap his or her foot with your own. Next time you're having a conversation, take a small risk and place your hand on theirs to emphasize a point. 

Another great tip, particularly if your crush is a female, is to place your hand on her back whilst you're both out at a bar. It's subtle, yet effective physical affection like this that will help you break down that friend zone barrier!

        The benefit of being in the friend zone, as opposed to barely being acquainted with your crush at all, is that you can hang out with them one-on-one without it being weird. Use these hang-outs to do date-like activities, and you'll reintroduce the idea of a relationship to them. 

For example, ask them if they want to go to the cinema with you, or perhaps out to dinner. If you've been working on an assignment together, ask them if they want to go out for drinks afterwards. 

If he or she really enjoys spending time with you, they will even begin to suggest more of these "dates" until they turn into the real thing. Spending time together in a dating atmosphere allows the two of you to realize just how great you are with one another.

If you're trying to please a guy, get some of your other friends to talk about how great you are to him. If you're trying to impress a girl and you're friends with her other girlfriends, then get them to remind her how much of a great boyfriend you would make. It may sound cheesy, but if you can find friends you trust to help you out, then it could be the nudge in the right direction that you're after!
 There's nothing more attractive than a gentleman, so if you're a male hoping to escape the friend zone, then you had better become a lot more chivalrous! Have dignity for yourself, and treat her with all of the respect that she hopes for in a partner. 

Open doors for her, or if she's cold, offer her your jacket. If you find yourself at a restaurant with her, pull her chair out for her. It's moves like these, without going too overboard, that shows her you have manners and that you respect her as a woman, not just as your "mate". Another important tip is to never blatantly check out other females in front of her. This is an ultimate turn-off and it will communicate the idea to her that you don't find her attractive.

           Once you've tried absolutely everything, including telling your crush how you feel but to no success? Looks like it's hard decision time...Staying friends with someone who isn't romantically interested in you when you have strong feelings for them is going to begin to mess with your mind after a while. 

By spending time with them constantly, you are only hurting yourself. For reasons you will probably never know, they simply just aren't attracted to you. It's wise to try to remain friends with them, but not to see them or talk to them as often. 

Explain to your crush that you can't help your feelings, and you can't help theirs either, but it's time you tried to move on. It's time for you now to untie those heart strings and to start searching for someone just as attractive to you. There's plenty more fish in the sea, and you deserve to find true love, just like everyone else. 


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