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Relationship Series 2 - CAN YOU DATE YOU?

Many times we blame everyone but ourselves for our relationship journey so far without asking ourselves this simple question : can I date me?   if you are looking for a partner, can you choose yourself?. The reason why is if you cannot date yourself, who will date you?. if you can't date yourself then the first question that pops into your head is why am I still single?. 

Some people are single because they are not ready while some are single but not available because not having yourself to be available is another thing entirely. ladies could find themselves unavailable in the following ways below:

*. They are single but mentally unavailable: for example when a lady says to herself that there are no responsible guys in the world means she is not available. Therefore, shutting her mind completely and what happens subconsciously is that she won't be able to recognize the potentials of a good guy in front of her even when she sees them. Once your mindset is blocked,  your natural eyes is blocked because we don't see with our eyes but with our mind.

*Some people are single but emotionally unavailable : some ladies are not available because they are carrying emotional baggage. A guy has been trying to date a girl for months but she refused and finally she opens up and tells you this "the first day u met me, you saw that I was sad the reason because my father rapes me ". And when the guy hears this, he is shocked and either he walks away or stay.

Secondly,  she was probably heartbroken. You simply cannot use your next partner to get over your ex. you can go all emotional and cry about it but make sure you aren't hung up on them before starting a relationship with someone else.

Although, the biggest problem with guys is that they always estimate their capacity to handle things. they hear things like "I've been heartbroken" but they end up saying don't worry I can handle it when they can't even handle their boss at work or their troublesome sisters at home. Don't ever try dating a girl who isn't ready because you will end up receiving the punishment of their sins or their ex.

*.Some ladies are dating because they want to prove a point: You want to tell your ex that he is not really hot because you have the hottest guy. While some are just tired of their parents, others are desperate.

*Some are still single because they have maradona tendencies.: when a guy is playing around with a girl claiming to be dating which they are not, but proving to others that they are.  she has this invisible name tagged "I'm victor's girl ". This works for them because there is a feeling of safety since the loneliness, boredom and depression are dealt with. But there are consequences because they don't get to make themselves available to the right guy or lady since their attention is somewhere else .

*. Some ladies are single but inaccessible: they are not available to be woo. some don't create quality time for themselves. They take a few steps back away from the dating scene. While others are dating someone they can't marry, only servicing the person.

In conclusion, is not all about being single but it's about being single and available to mingle.

Your Friend,


Source :Pst Bolaji Idowu 

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