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The question of identity

Identity is people's concepts of who they are, of what sort of people they are, and how they relate to others. Your identity is defined by the commitments and identifications which provide the frame of horizon which you can try determine from case to case what is good, or valuable, or what ought to be done, or what you endorse or oppose.  Now the idea is some people engage in activities that makes people question their identity. Identity is also the relationship of the other to oneself.

The thing about heartbreak is that once it gets into your life and you have no idea when it's going to leave. It's almost like a bad cold. You might get over it when you meet someone new you're excited about, or it might just disappear one day, and you won't even notice it's gone because you feel normal again. 

A simple answer to the "question of identity "would be this : how one answers the question "who are you "? when heartbroken or,  my identity is how I define who I am when broken.

The 4 wrong major things that happens when a girl is heartbroken. 

*.Attraction : she becomes attracted to so many guys and wants to be with all.  she says to herself "Who needs romantic love when there are so many guys to be with. Then lust comes in, taking alcohol and hanging out with the wrong set of guys therefore not taking full control of the mind and body especially when she gives the body freely to the guys forgetting the question that says "how does someone makes love to you and not love you ".

*.Anxious : Here comes the nervous feelings. Always expecting their calls. your life stops when you are waiting to hear from a guy instead of getting busy with your own life in different ways but rather you sit in front of your phone waiting for each guy to cal, and if someone else calls while you're waiting for the actual call, it sucks to be them! because you do not want to talk to them.

*.Obsession: she gets obsessed when they don't call or pay attention to her anymore.  she becomes attached to this fantasy and can't help but stress and worry about losing them all.

*.Self destruction : she becomes half-herself, the feeling as though the other part of her left with the one she loved.  she hates the sight of couples, even them holding hands makes her sick.  she devalues herself,  shuts out her Families, friends and began to lower her  standards.

Identity matters a lot because it defines who you are and determines how you should be treated from others and differentiates you from the rest. no matter the challenges you face, never let go of your identity if it's a good one.

Your Friend!!! 


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