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Insights - HETULAPO 2016 (CUM LAUDE)

Hetulapo, Hangout "CUM - LAUDE"

Trust me, so much anticipation for this hangout made a lot of sense as the turn up was reasonable. It was bit tight but it ended up a success. On saturday, 8th of October,2016, the main heat was on as routes led to LEKKI CONSERVATION CENTER... Kudos to the organisers i.e Gbetu tv , Mandela of the People & Heritage Tutors.

Other members who supported;  Johnny blaze and our very own Air Shirt Media to mention a few... Upon arrival, a tour was taken into the woods as usual.... it was a bit scary as monkeys and weird sounds from the swamp occupied the atmosphere, one would thing we were headed to #theotherroom or another Anaconda movie... So many things to talk about as the best memory for this experience is the eye and mind. The walk on the bridge into the main fun spot was a 15 minutes walk as I was in high expectation of experiencing the fun that awaits.

So it all started with the one on one introduction talk with the anchor , Mandela of the people (M.O.P) who took the stage with a foot hold of comedy an laughter. Soft music on the background by Tijani(African Vibes) kept the atmospheric condition there cozy though the sun was ready to tan all skins.

 Special appearances were acknowledged as the winners for mouthed couple 2016, made grand entrance with all eyes massaging their outfits with the top most finesse. Having said much, our anchor started this weird game of Touch-I-Touch which gave in an uproar of amusement and fun with participant in a single file following the instruction of the anchor, touching, holding, tapping and moving whatever was being instructed by the anchor, I bet you would not like you partner to be in this section....(thinking aloud).

The second phase was something he called TION-TION-TION where every one formed a big circle holding hands and shouting out words that ended with the suffix TION i.e mention, attention, caption etc, those who lost pace in sayind tthe words were sent out of the circle. Soon, it was the famous ITEM 7 time, food was served hot and smoking with cold drinks to quench our thirst.

There was a lot to do as friends strolled to take selfies, played the big chess game and ludo games around, enjoying nature's finest conservation center. My friends, the monkeys came spying as they wished the could join the euphoria if only they paid the ticket fee. The next stop was at elegushi private beach for those who cared to attend, the party got started there and it was a well spent weekend with friends....

Photo credits to Nifemi (Air Shirt Media).... If you missed all this gist , Catch up bellow with the pictures



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