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The Tenets for Dating

Dating is a discovery process. It effectively involves knowing your partner's potentials because assumption is the least of all knowledge. Before going into a relationship you need to know the tenets for dating. The below points gives highlights on these principles. 

*.Discover who you are first : Some people don't know who they are,  others begin to understand themselves after spending twenty years of living their life and getting there becomes extremely difficult. You hate giving or sharing your things because it makes you sick and then you begin to realize that most of the relationships you had got broken because you are a selfish person.

 Whatever you will achieve in your relationship in the next three years will be the result of what you do now. some will dream of a perfect relationship but don't know it starts from them therefore leading to insanity . Insanity  is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. 

 If you don't take control of your life, someone else will therefore,  you have to discover yourself and make some changes when necessary.

*.Compatibility : This is the key to having a successful relationship. Most couples who are not compatible have relationship problems that lead to a break up. 

Most couples with different backgrounds are not always comfortable around each other. Their relationships are like interview scenes because they are under pressure. A perfect relationship involves chemistry between the couples.

*.Emotional Intelligence : unfortunately, there are some things the normal IQ can't solve. Emotions plays a unique role in a relationship, it could either build it or break it. 

Emotion is your feelings, any distinctive thoughts, psychological and biological states. How can you handle anger, sadness, grief, fear, anxiety, joy contentment, satisfaction, pleasure, love, acceptance, devotion, relief, annoyance, wrath, resentment, and violence?.

 One who gets angrily easily should learn to deal with it because with anger blood flows to the hands making it easier to grasp a weapon or say hurtful words that could destroy the relationship. How well are you able to manage your emotions? remember they are not taught in schools.

*.Sincerity :A quality that must be deliberately developed and cultivated in each person by that person. Relationships are built on sincerity.

it's all about saying what you think and meaning what you say. Once you are not sincere, you cannot choose wisely and cannot be helped. sincerity leads to a satisfying and lasting relationship.

*.Maturity: This involves the decisions you make in a relationship. Relationship decisions are tough because they are heart and head decisions. Doing whatever it takes to make the relationship be one you are proud to be in. You must be able to love, forgive, communicate, and trust because they are functions of maturity. educate and improve yourself to be more knowledgeable.

Observe the above tenets for dating and you will definitely have the perfect relationship.

Your Friend,

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