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American Election Update: US Election 2016; Obama's village on Hillary Clinton

Kenya’s Star newspaper is reporting that in a mock poll which took place in US President Barack Obama’s father’s village, in Kogelo, Siaya county, Democratic candidate, Mrs Hillary Clinton won with 78% of the vote against Republican Mr Donald Trump’s 22%. Earlier BBC reported a highly unscientific poll by a Kenyan Twitter pollster which put US presidential candidate Hilary Clinton a whopping 69% ahead of Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, many South Africans spoken to by the BBC, are hoping that Clinton will be the next US president.
The view is that it will not only be good for South Africa – which has the most industrialized economy in Africa – but for the rest of the continent. South Africa has enjoyed a long history with the Clintons. Mrs Clinton has visited the country many times, before and after becoming Secretary of State.

She, her husband Bill Clinton and their daughter Chelsea spent time with an ailing Nelson Mandela in his rural village of Qunu in Eastern Cape Province when the late anti-apartheid icon celebrated his 94th birthday in 2012.
On the other hand, no-one can recall seeing Trump here. The Clinton Foundation has also supported many charities in South Africa, especially those fighting HIV/Aids.

Mandela flew to the US to lend his unconditional support to the Clintons in the wake of the Monica Lewinski scandal. South Africans believe the Africa Growth and Opportunities Act (AGOA), first signed into law by Clinton, will remain in place if Ms Clinton wins.

Source: Kenya's Star Newspaper

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