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Jennifer Lopez's New Lob Haircut Is Fire, But What Else Would You Expect

Leave it to Jennifer Lopez to find the sexiest way to do a lob haircut ever. Hint: It's all about some texturizing she has going on at the ends.

The style, created by hairstylist Chris Appleton, hits a few inches below her shoulders and features cool, feathery, tapered action likely created via a razor sliced down her hair. Appleton posted a shot of it on Instagram with the caption, "Finishing touches on @jlo. New Chop today for @worldofdance press day," giving us a preview before she hit an event for her upcoming competition show for NBC.

it takes a moment to talk about—and show appreciation for—that lovely texturizing work. Those ends give her haircut a cool vibe that you could use on your own cut to completely change the look of your hair without chopping it totally off, doing a 180 on your hair color, or (if you don't already have them) adding bangs. We're all for anything that gives us all a new option to play with. This cut was a great call by Appleton.

That said, this is J.Lo we're talking about. The woman makes our regular gym ponytail look at home on the red carpet. So did we really expect anything less?

As for World of Dance, if you're curious, here's what we know: It's a competition show in which dancers compete for a $1-million prize hosted by Jenna Dewan-Tatum and judged by Lopez (who is also an executive producer), Derek Hough and Ne-Yo. And that means we'll all get another chance to see the the ex-American Idol host back in a judging chair, but this time no one is in danger of getting told they're "pitchy."

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