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Rosario Dawson Nude Photos, Naked Video Leak Amid New Hollywood Hacking

Rosario Dawson appears to be a victim of the latest Hollywood hacking after nude photos and video leaked online on Wednesday. As Gossip Cop reported, over the course of a few hours, naked pictures of Miley Cyrus and nude photos of Suki Waterhouse began circulating online. In addition, the site Celeb Jihad has posted a semi-revealing snapshot of Alison Brie and a personal photo of Sophie Turner. It seems these incidents are all connected, and it’s been suggested additional stolen material belonging to Brie and Turner will be illegally shared online soon, too.

Now it seems Dawson has been victimized as well. The undated pictures in question show a woman resembling the actress posing completely naked in what appears to be an acting trailer. There is also a short tape of the same woman in a hot tub or something similar.

Gossip Cop alerted Dawson’s rep to the apparent security breach, but did not immediately hear back. We have also reached out to reps for Cyrus and Waterhouse to find out if they will be taking legal action. As Gossip Cop reported, last month Amanda Seyfried had her nude photos removed from Celeb Jihad, while a statement provided to Gossip Cop indicated that Analeigh Tipton was helping police find her naked picture hacker or hackers.

Rose McGowan, another victim, also told us she intended to involve the Department of Justice. But after those incidents, which also involved Katie Cassidy, Dylan Penn and more stars, it seemed the awful situation had died down. In fact, in lieu of real leaks, Celeb Jihad ended up posting fake, photoshopped content of Selena Gomez, Halle Berry and others. But now it seems Hollywood is getting rocked again. The whole ordeal has been compared to the widespread 2013-2014 hacking/nude photo scandal, and it’s clearly not over yet.

Source: Gossip Cop

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