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To prevent penis fracture, avoid these three sex positions

Penis fractures probably aren’t the first thing that springs to your mind when you think about sex. Instead, your thoughts are more likely to revolve around how to maximise the time spent beneath the sheets.

But a scientific study has discovered that the risks of breaking the penis during passionate sex must not be overlooked. Brazilian researchers considered the three positions that contribute to horrific injuries during sex, and their results may surprise you.

Here are the three most dangerous sex positions to take, based on a research published in the journal Advances in Urology.

The cowgirl

This sex position lets your woman sit atop your penis, facing you, thus giving you a good view as her breasts bounces up to the rhythm. The downside is that it lets your girlfriend control the thrusting, as she moves her body around your manhood. Those men seeking a view of their loved one on top of them are most at risk of fracturing their penis, the study showed. Writing in the journal, the scientists found that this was responsible for around half of all the instances.

And even if your woman sits atop your manhood facing the other side, you are in just as much danger, the scientists warn. “The control women have over the speed, power and angle is what makes the position the most harmful.

“Coming down too hard on the penis can cause it to bend, and even break,” the scientists warn.

Doggy style

Mimicking animals in how they go about their sexual exploits can also have grave consequences, according to the research. Doggy position was responsible for 28 per cent of the penis fractures reported, making it the second-most dangerous position.

With only a view of your loved one’s back, some raunchy men can get over-excited and become carried away in their actions. Despite being one of the more popular positions, it can lead to the unsuspecting male hitting the woman’s pelvic bone, causing the penis to potentially snap.


Even the most boring and unexotic position could leave a man with the most horrific of penile injuries, figures show! Missionary, adopted by a mixture of both first-timers and passionate lovers, was found to be the third most harmful.

The researchers noted how 21 per cent of penile fractures occurred when the man was trying to climax while on top of his loved one.

In complete control of the speed and power of each thrust, this can lead to a man hitting the pelvic bone without intending to. Ouch!

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