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Tips On How To Reduce Your Sugar Habit

Sugar in its natural state like what is found in fruit is healthy in moderation as a part of a balanced diet, but what we don’t need in our diet is the amount of refined sugars that we ingest in processed foods. Even when you feel like you don’t eat a lot of sugar because you avoid candy bars or something, you might not realize how much hidden sugar makes appearances in savory foods as well. Even hamburgers at fast food restaurants can be shocking sources of high sugar content.

The reasons behind wanting to break a sugar habit can range from losing weight or increasing your energy to just plain increasing your overall health. Eating less sugar can do all of these things, but it doesn’t mean that the process will be an easy one. Sugar is actually addictive to the body so you might experience cravings until you get them in check and replace your sugary snacks with new healthy snacks.

When you decide to start kicking a sugar habit, it is important to eat regularly throughout the day. When you don’t eat for too long your blood sugar drops and your energy can take a dip. This is when you are most susceptible to falling for a sugar craving because it can be a fast fix on the energy front. Stick with small and frequent snacks that are full of protein and have some carbohydrates to keep you satiated throughout the day.

Always choose foods that are not processed over ones that are, since the closer a food is to its natural state then the less added sugar it will contain. Think whole and natural food sources whenever possible. Avoid keeping foods in the house that you are trying to avoid. If other family members eat different types of food than you, maybe it’s time to discuss revamping everyone’s habits or somehow store food separately or labeled so that you will be less likely to eat someone else’s snacks.

Start your day by eating a meal that contains some protein and fat which will keep you full longer than just eating some fruit for example. Getting a mix of nutrients will also help to keep you feeling full. You should try to get some healthy fat into each meal as well to keep your blood sugar steady. Healthy fats are monounsaturated options like avocado and olive oil. When you cook use spices like cinnamon that you trick your body into thinking its having something sweet. Spices also have individual health benefits.

Getting regular sleep and exercise can help calm sugar cravings since both will naturally increase your energy. When you are rested and energized you won’t be craving sugar simply for the temporary energy boost that it can give. If you tend to eat sugar during a certain time of day or when you encounter a certain emotion you should pay attention to this and replace the habit with something else. Do some crunches while you watch TV instead of grabbing some frozen yogurt, or drink an entire glass of water to keep you mouth and stomach busy.

Source: Daily Trust 

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