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Twitter is not for D'banj

It’s impressive to see D’banj use Twitter. The Koko Master, at the height of his fame, would never touch that platform with a long stick. But he isn’t at his best these days, and Twitter is one of his major tools. The singer treats like he treats everything else: an extension of his celebrity. Go through his account and flip through it. The usual D’banj-ey things come out. 

He namedrops his brand affiliations at every chance, with his customized Beats headphones showing up a lot. There are also photos from studio sessions, hanging out with other celebrities, and most importantly, him in the studio and at meetings. He documents it all on his Twitter, one photo at a time. It’s mostly beautiful. D’banj is a superstar musician in Africa, and Twitter, being one of his favorite platforms should document that.

But while Twitter might be a blessing for promotional activities, it also comes with its curse: the ability of people to personally share their opinions with you. There’s very little censorship on the platform, and people take to it to connect and air their thoughts, whether negative or positive.

And while D’banj might get a lot of love from his followers and supporters, he does get a lot of 140-character reviews on his music. Twitter users are unbridled in their analysis, hence they bring their feelings home to you, in your notifications, as replies to your tweet and more.

And D’banj literally, does not know how to react with grace and dignity. He loses it at the slightest provocation. The singer is working on the release of his fourth solo studio album “King Don Come.” He is working on a major roll-out of the project, with a tracklist already circulated and videos shot to promote it. Photos from every step of the way are uploaded on the platform, and fans can get a feel of the album direction.

But the trouble starts with his music. Generally music enthusiasts have very little love for D’banj and his current artistic direction. And on Twitter they make it known in the most brutal of ways. Fans comment on D’banj’s music, with the aim of vipers. They sting hard.
Over the weekend, D’banj had enough. He responded by attacking his fans.

A user tweeted: “I don’t know where you are heading but guy you need Don Jazzy”.
D’Banj quoted the tweet and replied: “Are you also on d Payroll? Even @donjazzy knows in his heart he is begging me. You madt bruh? Lol.. Jazzy Come carry ur people o”.

The singer took time to respond to Twitter critics, and it was often personal, petty and ill-advised. He launches personal attacks on his fans, threaten violence against them, questions their intelligence and dismisses their commentary. One fan was accused of having a head that ‘overheats’, and for many others, they are under the threat of getting their head ‘whooped’. See some of them below

We all know the rules. When a dog bites a man, it’s normal. When the man sinks his teeth in the back of a dog, and takes a chunk of live dog meat, then there’s a problem, and that problem becomes news. D’banj sinking his Twitter teeth into unknown fans is a bad story. It doesn’t serve his image well. He’s a celebrity, he put his music and his business out there for us all.

It’s only normal that he gets feedback, no matter how good or bad it is. Twitter is a very personal place. Hence he gets tailored feedback from the platform.

Maybe Twitter isn’t for D’banj. Maybe getting criticism on that platform is something the Koko Master isn’t good at. Maybe, just maybe, he should never have to drop another 140-character reply when he is emotional, or when a tweet rubs him the wrong way.

Source: Pulse Ng

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