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UCL Final: Juventus Are Afraid Of A Player (and this is not CR7)

A few hours before the final of the Champions League against Real Madrid, Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri fears Casemiro’s defensive work in the Paulo Dybala area …

The Plan E game Zinedine Zidane’s staff against Juventus (that pointed including weak Barzagli) leaked in the Spanish press earlier this week, just days before the final of the League of Champions Saturday.

The collective strategy of the Bianconeri will not move one iota compared to the double confrontations against Barca and Monaco, so the tactics of Massimiliano Allegri is malleable at will. The Turin coach is afraid of only one player: it is not an offensive element, but Casemiro.

For Allegri, the defensive midfielder of the Merengues will indeed greatly impede Paulo Dybala, the 9th and half of the Old Lady. ” He’s not the best technically, he’s not the most gifted player in Real. But its presence is fundamental, it is the basis, it gives a balance that no other player can give.Since Madrid has Casemiro, it has changed a lot , “the coach told the press.

As a reminder, Casemiro’s presence in the Real team is the find of “Zizou”. On his arrival on the bench in January 2016, the young French technician had inserted a number 6 behind Luka Modric and Toni Kroos, the two hubs of the team. Casemiro is expected to close close to Dybala during the match, but will also have to avoid faults repeatedly. It is not in the strategy unveiled in the press, but dominating this “match in the match” is also crucial.

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