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5 reasons to stop skipping breakfast

Starting off the day with a healthy breakfast packs a nutritional punch (Fitwirr). Breakfast is always described as the best meal of the day but a lot of people don't know why. Eating breakfast not only provides the energy to kick off the day right, studies reveal it helps the organs/ the body from inside out.

Though with breakfast it's best to keep it healthy as eating loads of sugar in pastries, soda and other canned foods will not give the same nutritional results from loading on healthy foods.

To jump start the day, keep energy level up during the course of the day and generally stay mentally alert amongst others, see more reasons NOT to skip breakfast.

Oatmeal topped with fruits is a great breakfast idea (Parents Magazine)

1. Rich in nutrients

Breakfast are usually packed with nutritional benefits when they are taken in form of healthy foods. Swap the cakes, creams and sodas for cereals, oats, fruits/fruit juices as those pack a nutritional punch that helps the overall health.

2. Keeps weight in check

Not skipping breakfast is one great way to keep weight in check. When you eat breakfast there's a high likehood on jumping on every snack in between hours or satisfying the cravings/sugar rush that come with skipping the first and best meal of the day which helps keep weight in check.

3. Lowers the risk of heart diseases/heart attack

Eating a healthy breakfast studies have shown helps lower the risk of some heart diseases and even heart attack. It also helps lowers the risk of cold/flu and revs the body to start off active in the morning.

Starting off the day with a healthy breakfast packs a nutritional punch (Fitwirr)

4. Helps to (even physically) jump start the day

Breakfast (healthy breakfast) helps to make the body active enough to start off the day. The right energy is produced when you start off the day with good food.

5. Keeps you alert

Breakfast is known to help focus/concentration and keeps you in a great mood for the the better part of the day all you need is to start with a power healthy breakfast.

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