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Dangerous Effects Of Sugar

The least healthy sugars are refined and nutrient-poor. A primary member of this sugar type is sucrose, the white and refined table sugar you probably know best. 

Also included in the refined sugars are powdered sugar, high fructose corn syrup, dextrose (made from cornstarch), invert sugar (consisting of the sugar molecules glucose and fructose) and brown sugar.

A wide range of scientific research confirms the fact that simple (refined) sugar in excess leads to numerous health problems. There are more than 100 adverse effects from sugar documented in the scientific literature. 

These include: immune system suppression, impaired mineral absorption, advanced skin aging, decreased skin elasticity, accelerated cancer growth and weakened eyesight. That’s why I believe so strongly that it’s time to find better alternatives to refined sugar. 

We need a healthier alternative for sweetening ice cream, shakes, pancake syrups, fruit juices, cakes, pies and cookies. This may be difficult to accomplish when it comes to sweet treats like donuts, candies, sodas and all the other refined, high glycemic flour foods that are so highly popular.

Below are some of our favorite article that show you better ways to satisfy your sweet tooth, as well as explain some of the dangerous side effects that refined sugar can have on your health.

Sweet tasting food does not need to translate into body fat, hormone imbalances (i.e. insulin resistance), or chronic disease Some of your favorite foods and beverages could be loaded with chemicals and additives that you may not know were dangerous for your health. Or maybe you do and are still in denial. It’s time to wake up and face the danger.

Undo your fructose brain damage
Americans consume about 27 pounds of fructose per year, mostly from sugary drinks, syrups, honey, desserts — and the most notorious source — high-fructose corn syrup. Unless you stand out from the crowd, you’re damaging your brain in a serious way.

Cancer danger turns this sweetener sour
It was created in a lab at King’s College in London and made specifically to help kill bugs. There, scientists found that by bleaching sugar molecules they could enhance the pesticide effect of chlorine. 

From there, it made it’s way into many of the foods most of us eat…
The refined sugar danger in your food
You can pay for a refined sugar habit with hormone disruption, susceptibility to diabetes, heart problems, cancer and serious digestive issues. But you can and should fight back.

Sweetness for sickness or health
If you are like me, you love the taste of sweet foods, especially during those times that the sweet craving or emotion is high.

 The problem is that there are far too many sweet foods available that contain far too many unhealthy sweetening ingredients for our own good.
source: Easyhealthoptions

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