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Meet the 23-Year-Old Nigerian Girl Who Owns Multiple Businesses

Saidat Mustapha is the 23-year-old Nigerian chef/owner of a registered private culinary business and small gourmet infused olive oil line called Savor by Saida. Saidat also has a start-up business called Asake’s Shakes, serving the most delectable milkshakes and refreshing iced teas for special events in Lagos, with 10 percent of its profit going towards charity.

Chef Saida is the youngest Le Cordon Bleu Grand Diplome graduate in Nigeria, one of the most prestigious culinary schools in the world.

From a very young age, she always knew her life would revolve around food and even with 3 degrees, including a Masters in International Business, her passion for food and influences from world cuisine is the force behind her drive, to stay in the culinary world.

She is a cuisine and patisserie chef, from dainty Frasier cakes to silky beef bourguignon. Chef Saida aims at redefining the gourmet and luxury food culture in Nigeria through simple refreshing recipes and seamless service. The Savor by Saida culinary company offers private and event gourmet catering, private chef lessons and culinary consultations for individuals and establishments.

Check out some of her beautiful pastries:

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