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I was worthy before. maybe with him I can be worthy again.  To be unbroken is to be untamed, ceaseless, not interrupted or disturbed.  In the beginning, God made an unbroken Man, one who was upright and untamed. the major causes of broken relationships /marriages is because some people are already broken even before they began such relationship/marriage. It is the people involved that destroys the relationship and not the relationship itself. That is why the best time to know yourself is when you are single. 

To be single is to be separated and to be alone I.e love yourself, be friendly and minister to yourself. limit unnecessary distractions and avoid fooling around.  Single life can be tremendously meaningful and fulfilling. it is the better part of our adult lives. People who are "single at heart" embraces single life. living single is how they live their best, most authentic, most meaningful lives. They are not single because they have "issues " or because they have not found "The one " No it's because they make certain decisions and are always careful in order to be unbroken. they know that love is dangerous even Solomon in the Bible acknowledges that. he says "Love is dangerous than death "

A woman's feeling is like Love under pressure. women are more emotive and intellectualize love more. women can grow to love someone they were not initially attracted to, once they get to know the person who they will ultimately fall for. women are also logical about love. They are most likely to avoid negative interactions and show affection through other ways. 

The only way that makes a lady unbroken is if she abstains from sleeping around with different guys under the disguise of "relationship and love". Sex isn't love but physical instruments because it's the same organs for secretion of feces. A lady shouldn't be romantically involved with every guy that comes her way when single. "Thou shall not be a Mobile toilet for guys ". Sometimes some of these actions are due to pressure from settling down so they want to do everything possible to keep that one guy. meanwhile the reason why there are most delayed marriages for the ladies is because the guys has refused to become a man. "So therefore a "man" leaves his Father and mother...... ". While for the guys, is because the ladies are giving away their things on credit (body, love, money e. t.c) But there is one thing that is of assurance which is "in a lady's life, there is only one human and the rest are animals.

Men/guys on the other hand are bad lovers. That is why for the married ones, God emphasized that they should love their wives as Christ loved the church. If nothing freaks you out more than "I wanted to inform you or I have something to talk to you about!. such guys takes much longer time to express themselves verbally and emotionally with their partner and will often wait until they feel very secured in the relationship. 

Research suggests that men's perspective on love often focuses heavily on the passionate aspects of being in love more than the emotional stability and supportive aspects.

Now the question is why get yourself broken when you can escape from such. Everyone goes through a different recovery process when a relationship ends. You learn lessons about love, lessons about yourself and lessons about life. You sometimes choose to accept the things about yourself, which you are unwilling to change. 

Dating is not a race, and it's not a competition but at some point, it's healthy to settle down and try to maintain a serious partner versus sleeping around and sleeping around and so doing that, you will definitely be unbroken.

Your Friend,



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