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Meet The 14 Year Old University Lecturer That Got People Talking

A 14-year-old boy is now studying for a maths degree while teaching math to adults at a university in the UK, and guess what makes him happy—he no longer needs towear the school uniform.

Yasha Asley became the youngest student to be hired by the University of Leicester to run tutorials for adult students who need help with solving math problems while being a degree student himself, the Daily Mail reported.

He graduated from primary school and got a place in the university at the age of 12 in 2014 to study for a maths degree. He is now in his final year and is planning to start studying for a Ph.D.

He was offered the job when he was 13 years old after attending an interview. As he was too young, the staff at the university had to request for special permission from the Leicester city council to employ him.

Dubbed as a “human calculator”, he said, “I love maths because it is an exact science. It is the only science where you can prove what you say is correct. It is so easy and an enjoyable subject to study.”

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