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Meet 18-year-old girl who became Somalia’s first female mechanic

Who would have thought that a young girl could become mechanic in Somalia? In a country where such jobs are preserved for men, it was simply inconceivable. But it happened. Nasra Haji, an ambitious 18-year-old girl from Hiran made history by becoming the first ever female mechanic in Somalia.

 “I specialize in repairing different types of cars -- luxury cars, bullet proof cars, and pickups. Sometimes I service trucks when they are brought to the garage,” she says. Nasra at work. Photo: Africa News. Interestingly, becoming a mechanic was never her dream. She says it never even crossed her mind when she was still a child, especially because only men were doing that kind of work. 

Her interest in the men’s job started when she embarked on a desperate job hunting mission across the country’s capital, Mogadishu. “I spent months looking for a job but couldn't find one, until I came across these mechanics at a service garage. I requested them to give me an opportunity to serve as apprentice and they agreed,” she recalls.

 While working as an apprentice, she was able to acquire numerous skills that would late help her become a professional in the job. Today, Nasra has a growing portfolio of clients that are looking for her services. She has practically debunked the stereotype that only boys can become mechanics in Somalia. 

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