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The World Is Coming To An End On The 23rd Of September

David Meade who is a Christian numerologist has predicted that the world will end on September 23 and has prediction has matched that of stargazers who claim to decoded the Egyptian pyramids.

The stargazers said the Great Pyramid was a date marker of when the apocalypse would set in. In a report by Daily Star, Meade used bible verses to match the position of heavenly bodies and said a giant planet called Nibiru or Planet X will crash into Earth and the world will end.

In his book titled Planet X – The 2017 Arrival, the numerologist analysed and predicted that Nibiru will first appear in the sky on September 23 and crash into earth in October. Some Christian fanatics claim a total solar eclipse will occur in the US on August 21 and insist it will herald the coming of the prophesied 10 Biblical plagues.

Incidentally, Daily Star Online reported that the so-called Great American Total Solar Eclipse would also occour on September 23 which it said meant the beginning of Armageddon. Some experts also claim the Great Pyramid also points to the same date Mr. Meade said:

“It is very strange indeed that both the Great Sign of Revelation 12 and the Great Pyramid of Giza both point us to one precise moment in time – September 20 to 23, 2017.

“Is this the end of the Church Age and the transition to the Day of the Lord? “There couldn’t be two greater witnesses.” Significantly, astronomers from the California Institute of Technology confirmed the discovery of a real planet up to 10 times the mass of Earth located in the outer reaches of the Solar System.

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