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Why I Grow Bears -RMD

Ladies love Richard Mofe Damijo because he is sexy in different shades and for some men they admire and try to be like him.

So when he began growing a beard many thought he is following the universal trend of growing bears; but in a recent interview the star of “hush”, revealed there is no truth in that assumption because he hate shaving but ironically it is the only thing that calms RMD down.

“I hate to shave, so once I have an opportunity not to work, I let it grow. I don’t keep it for the sake of grooming it.

I just leave my beard because I don’t want to shave. I would say that shaving is about the most personal thing I hate to do and it is because I’d have to stop everything I am doing just to shave.”

Richard Mofe Damijo further explained “Ironically, it is one of the most therapeutic things for me. If I need to calm down fast, all I do is shave and that is simply because I have to be calm to shave. So it helps me as well.

I keep a clean shaved head not because it is a brand identity but because I cannot keep an afro. Since my hair does not grow enough to become an afro, I just keep it clean,” he said.

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