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4-Foot Woman With Rare Bone Growth Disorder Defies The Odds By Becoming A Dancer

Tiffany Geigel has been defying expectations since birth. The 32-year-old from Brooklyn, New York, was born with Jarcho-Levin syndrome (JLS), a bone growth disorder characterized by a curvature of the spine, a short torso, and fewer vertebrae in the neck than is typical. Doctors told her parents that she would not live long, but they were wrong.

Her mother signed her up for her first dance class when she was 5 and Tiffany has been dancing ever since. Dancing has increased her flexibility and strength and improved her health overall. Growing up, she took pride in finding her own way of doing things while modifying and mastering her dance moves. Tiffany is now a professional dancer and her passion for all things dance has shaped her life and the woman she is today.

Dance is her way of proving to herself and the world that “this girl can do anything.”

Tiffany’s ultimate goal (which she believes she has achieved) is to be onstage and have the audience forget that she is different — be such an amazing dancer that her physical appearance just disappears!

Watch this video and see Tiffany in action both onstage and off. You will be inspired and amazed; her beauty and grace truly transcend all expectations.

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