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Have you seen the World's scariest house?

 This home has been marked by locals as the scariest

- Its design include devils dotting the roof, and black skulls covering parts of the roof

- Its owner is said to be an ordinary businessman and reportedly began building the home a decade ago

With skeletal hands appearing from the stone wall, devil-like carvings standing tall on the roof and many dark skulls covering a domed structure on the property, this Belarus home is not for the fainthearted.

The home has since been dubbed the 'scariest house in Belarus', with some residents dodging to walk past it - especially at night.

In the town of Ratomka, 5km from the Belorussian capital, there is a house so spooky that some people try to avoid walking past it at all costs, especially at night. Courtesy: Odditycentral.com

The house has also become a Social Media sensation, with a section of online users applauding the owner for the bold architectural design.

Dozens of black skulls cover a domed structure on the property. Courtesy: odditycentral.com

Be that as it may, local media reports indicate that a section of area residents have reported the home owner to the authorities, lamenting that the property is excessively ghostly.

It is complete with skeletal hands coming out of the stone fence. Courtesy: odditycentral.com

Photos of the spooky house in Ratomka recently went viral in Belarus, with most people praising the owner for the bold artistic design. Courtesy: odditycentral.com

Some of them have even documented complaints, arguing that the home's design was frightening children.

One of the immediate neighbors likewise griped that the view was ghastly, noting that one of the devil sculptures seems to be targeting a bow directly at his window, making him nervous.

A neighbor even noticed that one of the devil sculptures seems to be aiming a bow directly at his window, which makes him uneasy. Courtesy: odditycentral.com

Neighbors say that the owner of the house is actually just an ordinary businessman. Courtesy: odditycentral.com

Locals intimated that the owner is an ordinary business person and started building the house close to ten years ago.

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