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I Rejected $500,000 from Donald Trump to Help Appeal to Black Voters in 2016

US rapper, 50 Cent claims that he rejected an offer of $500,000 from Donald Trump's team to appear at a campaign event during the 2016 presidential election.

Multi-award winning American rapper and businessman, Cutis Jackson, popularly known as 50 Cent has claimed that Donald Trump’s team offered him $500,000 to make an appearance in Trump’s presidential campaign in 2016.

The rapper and actor was discussing the Trump administration on US radio station, Hot 97FM when he mentioned the president’s proposal, adding that he believed it was motivated by a desire to appeal to black voters.

“Before he got elected, they were having issues with the African American vote,” said the rapper.

“They wanted to pay me $500,000 as part of the campaign just to make an appearance.” 50 Cent revealed that he turned down the offer, as it would have sullied his reputation. “I was like, ‘Nah, that’s not good money,’” he said. “That’s not worth it!”

It’s not the first time the rapper has publicly discussed the president this week. He also shared his thoughts on Trump on US chatshow The View on Monday, concluding “we gotta get rid of him”.

50 Cent, whose sixth album, 'Street King Immortal' has been delayed since 2011, is currently enjoying success with crime thriller, Power, which he produces and stars in as drug dealer Kanan Starks.

As of May, the show was the second most watched series on premium cable in the US behind Game of Thrones.

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