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Other uses of palm oil aside from cooking

There are very few ingredients that a typical Nigerian cook can do without. Palm oil being one of the very important condiment in most delicacies, not only provide us with nutrients, but also enhances the overall taste of the meal.

However, for the purpose of this write-up, we would like to x-ray the other benefits of using palm oil asides its culinary applications.

It contains high amount of saturated fat, vitamin and antioxidants. It has so many advantages and can be used for various things. It is mostly used for cooking. Let’s check out other benefits and applications in the use of palm oil:

For Healthy Hair:


Palm oil contains tocopherols and tocotrienols, which makes the hair healthy.

It can be used for the treatment of dandruff and other hair related infections.

It can also be used to decrease graying of the hair. It adds extra sheen to dry and dull looking tresses.

It helps to soften hard and dry hair and gives protection against dull harsh chemicals products and environmental pollution.

Application: Apply a melted palm oil into the hair scalp for some minutes then wash away with a shampoo.

Skin Care:


There is nothing as embarrassing as having a genetically-inherited body odour.

Sometimes, people exude repugnant smells, not because they are dirty or unkempt, but as result of some biological anomaly.

It can also be used for preventing aging, sunburn, irritation and damage from free radicals.

Application: Palm oil comes in handy to treat body Odour by applying all over the body before bathing.

Treatment of Poison:

Food poisoning

Usually when there is an incident of poisoning (particularly, food poisoning) we see people running helter skelter trying to find a solution. However, palm oil can be a very important first aid administration before taking the individual to the hospital for professional attention.

Treatment of Boil:

Palm oil is very useful especially in the treatment of boils and slight swells caused by ants.

Washing Black Pots:

black pot:

In this part of the world where people use woods to make fire to cook, the blackening of their various cooking pots becomes inevitable.

Scrubbing and cleaning the outer part of the pot becomes a very tedious activity. However, applying palm oil on it before using a detergent makes washing an easier task.

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