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Popular Lagos love doctor explains why runs girls attract good guys

Joro Olumofin has explained why runs girls seem to get the upper hand when it comes to landing good guys. He also revealed why the decent girls are not lucky when it comes to men

Joro Olumofin, a popular Lagos-based love doctor, has shared a few tips on the reasons runs girls seem to be luckier when it comes to men as against the decent girls.

The love doctor took to his Instagram page to share his thought on this ill that is gradually becoming a norm in the society. According to him, the runs girls or retired runs girls get the good guys and eligible bachelors in the society while the decent ones wait on the average guys around.

Olumofin said he was able to make this assumption based on the thousands of mails he gets to treat daily. He has had the opportunity of carrying out a survey and has been able to gather that most men fall for runs girls and ladies who operate with the mindset of a typical runs girl.

The love therapist then described runs girls as ladies who use their good looks to obtain money from men. They target old men and feed on the fact that they look good to collect money from them. He referred to them as classy and educated prostitutes.

Olumofin then analysed the matter saying eligible bachelors find runs girls more appealing as the former know how to please them. Runs girls take good care of their bodies knowing fully well that men pay their bills because of their appearances.

A decent girl on the other hand does everything possible to equip herself mentally. She does not give much attention to her followers on the social media. The decent girl according to Olumofin does not see the need to please a man as she is on the lookout for men who would please her emotionally and romantically.

The love doctor’s post also stated that the decent girl is too difficult for the men as she has lots of rules she expects the man to adhere to. Feeding a man’s ego and making him feel like a king is not an objective to the decent girl.

See the screenshot of the initial post made on Instagram here:

Runs girls on the other hand give men a free hand as they allow them run wildly. In as much as they get paid, all is well with them. Olumofin then concluded that it is difficult for a man who is used to getting ladies cheaply to agree to the terms and conditions of a decent girl.

One of his followers sent a post objecting to his point of view. The life of his cousin was used as an example as the runs girl he got married to wrecked him after running away with his two children.

Check out the screenshot of the post sent in by the follower who does not like runs girls:

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