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Tunde Ednut fires back at Bobrisky for saying he asked him out

Tunde Ednut has responded to the allegations leveled against him by Bobrisky...He called the cross dresser an abandoned idiot for coming up with the frivolous lie. Tunde Ednut, a Nigerian singer and comedian has reacted wildly to the claims made by Bobrisky about him asking him out in 2016.

Bobrisky who got the internet buzzing after uploading pictures of him slaying and having fun on his birthday said Tunde Ednut hit on him and is only hating him because he turned him down.

The Kogi state comedian took to his Instagram page to appreciate his fans and family members who did not give in to the vicious lie wrapped by the beautiful cross dresser in bringing him down.

Ednut’s fans were more than delighted to see their role model coming out clean and vowing to show Bobrisky what it means to be tough. He was extremely pleased to find out people did not believe the frivolous lie webbed by Bobrisky.

He dropped a word picture on his page expressing himself; he also added a caption to it stating Bobrisky is yet to hear the last of him on the social media. It seemed things just got toughened up between the duo.

Ednut referred to Bobrisky as an abandoned idiot. He also called him a transgender and vowed to show him how things are being done on the social media since he has taken the step of calling him out.

Some of his fans urged him to do as he has said while others advised him to leave Bobrisky alone as there is no point descending to his level and fighting him.

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