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Couple Marry In Hospital Room After Learning Their Flower Girl Daughter Has Only Days To Live

Paige was like any normal 4-year-old girl until the severe headaches she was getting turned out to be a cancerous brain tumor the size of a lemon. After doctors gave the terrible news to her parents, it was met with more news that she only had days left to live.

Her one wish had always been to be the flower girl in her parents’ wedding so, with only 24 hours, her aunt Innez Stonnell turned her hospital room into a wedding venue.

Photographer Kylie Marcic captured the wedding and shared the photos with LittleThings. “I will forever be grateful that I got to meet Paige and that I have gained a beautiful friend in Tania,” she said. “It was an honor and privilege to capture some very special moments for this beautiful family.”

In early October, Tania Miller and Jacob Skarratts held their wedding at Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital in Brisbane, Australia so that their daughter Paige could be the flower girl.

In the course of six short weeks, Paige has gone from a normal four-year-old girl to getting a lemon-sized brain tumor removed.

In just 24 hours, Tania and Jacob got married at the hospital with the help of Paige’s aunt who set it up.

“Last Thursday was a dark day, a very dark day. It’s hard when a parent is told your child’s not going to live but to be able to get married the next day meant our hearts sang,” Tania told the Gold Coast Bulletin.

While the couple wished things could have been different, they made the most of it and had a beautiful wedding.

“This isn’t how we planned it, she couldn’t open her eyes, but we had her there and that’s the main thing,” Tania said. “She got to feel and hear and sense the love she’s created.”

Paige wanted nothing more than to be the flower girl and her parents made sure they could grant her that wish.

“Paige had such excitement about us getting married,” Tania explained. “Every time we would see people she’d say ‘My mummy and daddy are getting married and I’m going to be a flower girl.'”

After learning Paige had only a week or so to live, the couple immediately knew they couldn’t wait to get married.

Thanks to Jacob’s sister, Innez, she was able to pull off the wedding for $1,000 in under 24 hours.

It was Jacob who rushed Paige to the emergency room after one terrible headache. A CT scan the next day showed that it wasn’t a headache causing the pain.

“Every day since the wedding, we wake up and are thankful for having it. Every hour that passes we’re grateful for having more time with her,” Tania said.

“I always pictured dressing my daughter for my wedding and sharing those special moments and I’ve got that now,” Tania said.

While the circumstances were grim, the family made the best of it and had a beautiful wedding with their loved ones.

“She’s still fighting,” Tania said. “She’s our Wonder Woman.”

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