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Expelled Redeemers' University student, Dayo Adedayo releases photos to prove his innocence

Earlier today, we brought you the story of how a Redeemers University student, Dayo Adedayo (Mr Macaroni) was expelled on graduation day simply because of a social media post.

According to the university, Debo’s Facebook post was offensive and portrayed the university in bad light, an act that constitutes serious misconduct and punishable by expulsion.

Shedding more light, Dayo has now shared these photos

"Redeemer's University says I put the University and some of her officials in bad light on social media. Please swipe along with me:

Picture 1 is me presenting the Vice President @profosinbajo with a gift on behalf of the University. In the picture is deputy-governor of Osun state and the Vice-Chancellor of the University.

Picture 2 is me showing Reedemer's University to the world with the Minister of communication, Barrister Adebayo Shittu. Picture 3 reminds me of a funny story as It was a real struggle to meet and present @speakerdogara with this token on behalf of my dear Reedemer's University. This was at a conference of student union presidents with the speaker and I tried to announce how great my University is.

This is me representing my University in the presence of @raufaregbesola This is me fully branded in the attire of Redeemer's University after a courtesy visit to the Orangun of Oke Ila to seek support for my University. This is a picture of one of our many visits to secondary schools to promote Redeemer's University. There are many more. The list is endless. Yet the University claims that the reason for my expulsion is because of a post that neither carries the name of the University nor anyone in it. Oh well..........

He further shared this:

All of these awards and I mean ALL, I received as a Student of Redeemer's University. I received some within the University and some by other bodies outside the University. The University claim I put them in bad light. Most of you who have been following my posts on social media in the last two years would agree with me how I helped publicize Reedemer's University like it was my Father's school. 

This same me, would go to Ikeja city mall, different secondary schools advertising Reedemer's University like I was being paid for it. Like I keep saying, the list is endless. I never expected it would result to this as I always wanted nothing but progress for my Alma Mata. However, the management of the school have a different point of view. I would like to thank my parents for deciding to take legal action and will hereby rest my case for now. I thank you all for calls, msgs and well wishes. 

Please help me let the world know what is happening to me because all I did was serve Reedemer's University with all my life.

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