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Polyamorous couple married for 22 years claims their children have no issues with it

A United States polyamorous couple; with multiple lovers married for 22years have said that their children are comfortable with their way of life.

The 46-year-old husband, Carl, and Kenya 42 revealed that they had been open( have multiple partners) for twelve years.

According to Mailonline, the couple said they met on a blind date and moved in together barely after three weeks.

Carl stated, “‘Kenya and I met on a blind date. She matched a vision I had of the woman I was going to marry. I was very physically attracted to her. I wanted to have sex with her right away.

Kenya added, “It was love at first sight. We got engaged eight weeks later. Then we moved in together, within three months we were living together. By the next summer, we were married. So less than a year after we met we did have our wedding.”

The couple explained that they adopted polyamory when Carl confessed to his wife that he was falling in love with another woman after 11years of marriage. Kenya said, “Carl came home and told me he was falling in love with another woman at his place of work and I was distraught.

“He and I had spoken about polygamy; that is one man, many women. I have never agreed, I felt like if the man has many partners then the woman should be allowed to have other partners as well. “I told him, ‘if you’re going to do this, then I’m going to do this too.’

She added, “I’d heard of men dating other women, but women dating other men when they’re already married was completely foreign to me.

“But the more I thought about it, I said maybe it does make sense for equality. If I want something, then Kenya should be able to have that same thing.” Instead of breaking up, Carl and Kenya opted to have multiple lovers. Kenya admitted that it was very difficult at first as there were issues of emotions, arguments and the rest.

Carl narrated, “Discussing polyamory was extremely difficult at first. There were a lot of arguments, a lot of emotions. It was really challenging”.

“Two years of discussion and then I went first [on a date]. He told me to go first and have another boyfriend outside of our marriage. By then our children were a little older. “When I first went on a date, it felt like I was betraying my husband. In western culture here in America, women are not supposed to have a sex drive or desire men when we are married. It is taboo. It was hard to break through all of those belief systems”, Kenya explained.

Carl also admitted saying, “It was very painful for me. I started having all these thoughts and images of her having sex. My jealousies and insecurities really came out.”

Whilst accustoming to their new way of loving, the parents also came out to their three children Senbi, 19, Sanu, 16 and 12-year-old Kaheri.

Kenya said, “From the time that we opened, we told our children. And it meant that mummy and daddy could love more people and they just got it. They didn’t have any issues with polyamory.”

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