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Tha Hangout 2017: Drug Abuse amongst youths

It has been observed that a high incidence of Drug Abuse and misuse can be found mostly within publics of a particular age bracket. One of such researches carried out in the year 2015 showed that drug abuse and peddling was rampant amongst the publics whose ages ranged from 18 - 28 (Youths). Now, there is needfor sensitisation of youths on the harm this drugs can cause and how to avoid this drugs. Who else could effectively sensitise this youths than celebrities and persons who are in some ways appreciated or idolised bythem. Hence, the need for the #ThaHangout2017.

The idea behind #TheHangOut2017 was to create the largest gathering of youths from more than four academic institutions in Nigeria, enlightening them on the effect ofdrug abuse and various ways of abstaining from the illicit use of such drugs. 

Expected celebrities for this event include Wale Tuner, Kenny Blaq, Dammievee, Arole, Egba Boy, Ric Hassani, Dapo Turbana and many more. The event is scheduled to hold on the 23rd of October by 2pm.

#Thehangout17 isn't your regular meet and greet event. It's a picture beyond every selfie to be taken, a graph wider than every autograph to be signed and the one place where networking, laughworking and learnworking would beelements.Friendships would be made, bonds formed, relationship forged and youths united through #hangout. 

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