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Timaya Accommodated Me When Banky W Kicked Me Out - Skales

Nigerian singer, Skales has revealed on social media that he was helped by Timaya after he was booted out by Banky W.

Following the outburst by Eedris Abdul Kareem calling Timaya an ingrate, singer Skales has waded into the matter. The singer called Eedris a sad man looking for cheap attention. He asked who Eedris helped when he was making waves in Nigeria.

"Eedris Abdul Kareem is just a sad man nothing is working for him now & his coming for everybody seeking attention...who u don help wen U reign."

Revealing the role Timaya played in his life and how he helped save him from shame, Skales wrote: "Timaya housed me wen EME [Empire Mates Entertainment owned by Banky W and Tunde Demuran] kicked me out..gave me his pent house 2 stay das where I recorded most of my debut album...bad belle no dey progress."

He added: "Respect to all the pioneers we are enjoying wat the built for us .... thank you cz the pioneers inspired me a lot tho.

Let’s all respect each Oda everyone is working hard ...."

He also thanked Banky W and called him a big bro.

"Me and @BankyW are Kool .... na my big bro ...

Make we dey enjoy life dey go no fighting pls ...life is to short o my people

"The reason y i tank people that help me get up on my feet is cz every time I tink about the past I get emotional and I tank God for using

Each and everyone to support and help me wen I needed it the most....God bless them and my fans." Skales concluded.

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