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Ubi Franklin captured “cloking” his cult member

Tripple-MG boss Ubi Franklin was recently captured by the camera giving a certain man a different kind of handshake believed to be a “cult code” and fans went into deliberation over the cult that flags that code. Unimaginable, right???

In this day and time when folks crave an unusual sense of belonging, certain organizations known as “cult groups” have endeavored to afford such folks their much-craved acceptance by bringing them into some sort of pact that demands them to behave in certain kinds of ways, hence the many types of handshakes which are better known as “cult codes.”

Popular opinion has it that the music world is full of cult and occult practices. To that end, every single Nigerian artiste is fallaciously believed to belong to one cult/occult group or the other, as not belonging to any will see you being an up and coming artiste until the United States ceases to be the World Power. That rumor, however, hangs in the balance.

But with Ubi Franklin openly putting a “cult code” on display and fans going in the comment area to debate over which cult owns that code, it’s starting to seem like the rumor is true after all. See the pic and judge for yourself.

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