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Like every other child he was born into that special polygamous but famous home. Life came with different excuses not to make him happy, with the struggles of papa and mama(s) he was made to face life the hard way.

What does he have to offer life? Growing up and having the best brand i.e "KING" given to him by his parents? Well, life should really feel blessed to have him because without him life would have been missing his position. 

He grew to have the best set of friends, who always stood by him through thick and thin, he loved and cherished them both male and female, with special love for "fanta" until it was used against him as he lost his virginity.

Often times he gets so deep in thoughts, a greenhorn he was during the first test and taste of "IT", he tried everything within his power after the first not to make a second but he was ruled by the desires of the body and it happened again, again and even again. If only he had listened to the inner voice, if only those ladies won't accept when he tries some of his so many tricks, if only the world would realize how hurt he is, but no; the world still offers more and he is tempted to keep making every sex chance count.

Young adults see sex as the good way of life but he sees it as the way towards the destruction of a good life. The mind is set to make a change but the body smiles to even more refreshment(s) thereby causing more pains for the future.

The future he for sees seems to be bright, with his priceless jewel he prays for a better home, if only he could play a fast one on nature for this dream to become a reality but no, he needs to work even harder to achieving this feat but he remains hurt cause he lost what he wished he never gave.

If ever there is a second world, if ever again he could get a second chance, then he really wants to become a VIRGIN AGAIN...

M.O.P ✍

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