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1st World’s Ground-scraper Hotel To Be Opened In 2018

Drone footage shows £345million quarry hotel inching towards completion after 11 years.


*. Work continues to build the InterContinental Shimao hotel in Songjiang district of Shanghai, east China

*. Complex has been designed by British-based firm Atkins and will have 370 guest rooms over 19 floors

*. Two floors will be underwater and boast a glass-walled aquarium and guest rooms for the Chinese elite

*. Due to open in 2018, the structure will blend in with the landscape thanks to eco-friendly, tree-lined roof.

It has been work in progress since 2006. And, finally, it seems that the InterContinental Shimao hotel in Shanghai,China, is inching towards the first major stage of completion as new footage reveals.

Filmed by Asia’s Pear Video, the most up-to-date scenes show the venue’s exterior taking shape just six months ahead of the £345million resort’s reported opening in May 2018.

After years of hard work from a team of 5,000 construction staff, the epic project is seen beginning to resemble the original artist’s impression of the building, which was first unveiled in 2006.

Once completely shrouded with scaffolding and green safety netting, this is gradually being stripped away to showcase the balconies which will overlook an artificial lake.

Meanwhile, the floors that are set to be submerged underneath the imported water are also visible.

The resort will have several restaurants, guest rooms, swimming pool, sports centre, banqueting hall and conference facilities

See more photos below :


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