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See The First Man In India To Tattoo His Eyes Completely Black

A man in India, Karan Sidhu, popularly known as Tattoographer has become the first man in India to tattoo the whites of his eyes completely.

The 28-year-old man disclosed that tattooing one’s eyeballs is the most painful place to get a tattoo but for him, he had his own eyes open when he had the procedure done in September.

The healing process for this is a nasty one, as imagined. It had to be done in two steps a few days apart to allow the eyes to rest, and Karan had to wear sunglasses afterwards as the sun burned.

As well as this, his eyes were swollen for a week. However, Karan is more than happy with the results.

He says; “It was exhilarating and amazing. I feel this is the most elite thing one can do in body modification. I was amazed when I first saw myself in the mirror. It looks amazing. I’d never felt so proud.”

He’s also currently single, so if you like a man with very VERY dark eyes, it might be time to give Karan a go.

He added: “I’m still amazed when I see myself like this,’ he said. ‘It needs both courage and passion to do something like this. It’s not easy but not difficult either. You need to know what you want. It is all about looking and feeling different.”

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