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Things men pay attention to but you(Lady)don't

Guys tend to notice even the smallest details we overlook ourselves. When a man is in love he pays attention to every single detail about his woman and that gives him more insight about her true nature and their relationship together. So if you're curious to know what your man is thinking when he stares at you, believe for a fact that he's thinking and observing certain things about you which he might not end up telling you! Here's a cheat sheet on the things guys pay attention to but you don't.

*How much you eat:

Guys love it when their date isn't afraid to show off their eating habits. Listen up females, ordering a vegan meal or picking at your food doesn't give guys a good impression of you instead it makes them feel self-conscious about their own personal food choices.

*The amount of makeup you wear:

Primping up has become the normal thing to do while going out on a date. Guys take in the extra effort you put into looking good for them as a show of love and affection.

*Your smile:

The first thing that attracts most guys to a woman is her smile and it encourages them further into getting the woman's affection. 

*Facial expressions:

This tells a lot about what's going on deep inside you. When you've been with a man for a long time he understands all your facial expressions and this gives him an inkling about your needs. There's absolutely no magic to it, it's just a matter of observing you closely.

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