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Aisha joins anti-Buhari campaigns; retweets Buhari must go tweet

President Muhammadu Buhari’s wife, Aisha, has again stirred controversy over her stance on the administrative capacity of her husband in running the affairs of the country.

The first lady on Friday seemingly supported Senator Isah Misau’s suggestion, that her husband’s government has been taken over by cabals.

This she did by reposting two videos by Senator Misau and Senator Ben Bruce, on her verified Twitter handle.

In the clips from OakTV, the lawmakers openly accused President Buhari of appointing incompetent people because they “belong to the cabal”.

The first one showed Senator Misau on the floor of the Senate, criticizing the president for appointing “an incompetent person” as the Director General of the National Intelligence Agency, NIA.

He accused the president of “doing nothing” since he was elected, adding “the president has not taken anything to change this country.”

In the second video also from OakTV, Senator Bruce supported Senator Misau’s stance saying Nigeria is becoming lawless.

“We either have a government or we don’t…”, he asked.

The development has since drawn reactions from Nigerians, most of whom saluted her courage.

Recall that the first lady last year threw a similar jibe at her husband directly alleging that cabals had hijacked his government. Aisha added that her husband, Buhari, barely knows all his cabinet members.

The shared videos could apparently have been a means of corroborating her earlier claims.

In his reaction a Twitter handle by the name Dipo Awojode wrote: “Aisha Buhari has stood up against some of the nonsense going on in Nigeria. I hope Presidential defenders can abuse her the way they abuse some of us for criticising the same nonsense.”

Meanwhile, another handle, Ajodeji Aje chided the Peoples Democratic Party, (PDP) as he stated: “Aisha Buhari is doing more than PDP as an opposition. You guys are nothing but a bunch of disgrace @OfficialPDPNig”

Another Twitter handle wrote: “Aisha buhari is a good wife. She wants the best for her husband. Unfortunately African men don’t listen to their wives.

Buhari would rather listen to fake friends that are going to ruin him

Another handle Uche jegbefume wrote: “Sincerely speaking, Mrs. Aisha Buhari, the First Lady is a strong woman.

“It takes a strong and courageous woman to admit openly that her husband is incompetent.

“This woman knows that her incompetent husband is not in charge. Buhari’s followers don’t know!…

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