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Meet Rahma Haruna, a girl who lives in a bowl

Physically challenged Rahma Haruna and her brother, Fahad Ya'u. 

Rahma Haruna's family have struggled to meet financial obligations to her. Over a million Naira has been invested in curing her.

A touching story of a Kano-based girl, Rahma Haruna, who lives in a bowl has stirred up emotion.

She was born with a rare deformity which caused both her legs and arms to experience stunted growth or no growth all.

Haruna, drinking water from a cup held by her mother, Fadi who revealed that her daughter failed to learn how to crawl as an infant. (YouTube)

As a result, her family have had to saddle the responsibility of tending to all her needs, which includes mobility and other domestic activities.

In a bid to find a cure to her unique physical impairment, Haruna’s parents who are Hausa, one of the major tribes in Nigeria, have toiled endlessly in a bid to provide an improved living condition for their daughter.

Hussaini Haruna revealed that he has invested over a million Naira in the health of his daughter. 

Her father estimated that he has spent over a million Naira to help facilitate this goal but this has not materialized in the direction they had hoped.

Thanks to kindness shown by random strangers on a visit to a shopping mall, the family has been able to handle financial obligations to the little girl who despite her impediment still nurtures an ambition to own a full-capacity grocery store.

Her inspiring determination to succeed in the face of her challenges tells a story of one who has refused to be limited by her physique.

Haruna's mother is seen tending to her physically impaired daughter. For her when there is life, there is hope.

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