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Twitter user shares half-naked picture of sugar mummy

Trigg received commendation from his Twitter followers who encouraged him to get as much as he can from his sugar mummy.

Shock, excitement, and jealousy are reactions that have trailed a black male Twitter user, Trigg, who posted a half-naked picture of his sugar mummy while she was in a bathroom.

His followers encouraged him to get enough money from the white older woman who only tied a picture in the post, and invest it on a younger partner, preferably an African young lady.

The exciting responses were contained in various tweets where a majority of his Twitter friends now turned admirers asked him to link them with a similar opportunity. See some of the comments below: Trigg, who seem to be enjoying a great run of comfort also bragged about his good fortune which he managed to attribute to his ability to please women.

Sugar mummies and their desire for younger men...In most societies, sugar mummies often represent a source of income for young men who feel they can satisfy their desires which includes sexual needs. In Nigeria, this is no different.

Most women in this category are influential with a great amount of wealth at their disposal. Their interest in dating a younger man is mainly borne out of loneliness or basically promiscuity, but don't rule out fetish dealings out of a list of reasons. There have been rumours that some cougars use the destiny of their young lovers to replenish their wealth. This is not hard to consider based on the reputation of the African continent when it concerns 'juju'.

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